Absent or Missing Student Policy and Procedure

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Absent or Missing Student Policy and Procedure

Policy Statement

Redoor Education is committed to the well-being and safety of all our students and ensuring that their whereabouts are known at all times. The purpose of the policy is to assist in the location of the student by the safest and fastest means possible.

This document is available to all interested parties, including Host families, other students, travel companies, staff and etc, on request from the Redoor Education staff and should be read in conjunction with the following documents: safeguarding & child protection policy.

On occasions when a staff member identifies a student as missing from their expected location, immediate action is required as outlined in the procedures below.


Redoor Education have applied the following definitions as they have been agreed with the Children’s Services and included within the Local Safeguarding partnership protocols:

  • Absent – a child or young person is not at a place where they are expected or required to be and there is no apparent risk.
  • Missing – a child or young person whose whereabouts cannot be established and where the circumstances are out of character, or the context suggests the person may be subject of crime or at risk of harm to themselves or another.

Procedure-Report of an absent child

It applies when they are under the care of Redoor Education during journeys around the UK organized by us or at a host family.

  • If a child or young person is considered to fall within the definition of absent, the absence of a child or young people, with the evidence supporting that decision must record in the Student Record as an ‘incident’.
  • The DSL (Tina Qi) or Deputy DSL (Jollie Zhao), shall manage any cases of absent or missing children or young people, and as such all reports must be bought to the attention of the DSL or Deputy DSL.
  • If a child or young people goes missing out of hours and receives a report then the on-duty manger is responsible for ensuring the completion of the initial reasonable enquiries where a student is absent during an event (for example half term, exeat or during a suspension/expulsion) which will include:
  1. Reviewing the flight and transfer details (with communication to the airline and transfer company to confirm transport arrangements for the student).
  2. Review of information held on students records which may indicate friends of associates who the student may be with.
  3. Texting, emailing and phoning the student (leaving a message if no answer) asking them to make contact with DSL repeating this contact every 20 minutes.
  4. Texting, emailing and phoning Parent/LG/Host family to collate any relevant information about the whereabouts of the student. All updates provided to the school and parents/must be recorded in the incident record in student record.
  5. Checking all social media platforms.
  6. If the period of absence continues for 3 hours, detail of children or young people who are absent should be notified to the police (using the non-emergency telephone number 101 or the emergency telephone number 999) in order that a record of the child or young person’s absence can be made, an agreement can be reached on what needs to be done, review times and on-going actions. Although there is an expectation that Redoor Education should continue to make reasonable enquiries to locate the child or young person, the police may also initiate some enquiries as appropriate.
  7. The reporting individual, if not a member of staff, must contact the office using the 24/7 emergency contact numbers which is 07985106112.
  8. If the period of absence continues for six hours, consideration should be given as to whether the child should still be regarded as absent, or whether they reconsideration, and in many cases a shorter period would be more appropriate.

Procedure-Report of a missing child

A child or young person who falls into the ‘Missing’ Category must be reported to the police as soon as possible by telephoning 101 for a non-emergency report or 999 for an emergency response i.e. information received that a child or young person is in immediate danger of harm.

The DSL or Deputy DSL will ensure that the following information is gathered for the initial report to the police:
• Name, date of birth and nationality of the child or young person;
• The specific concern for the child or young person;
• Whether  they are likely to be subjected to crime, victim of abuse or at risk of sexual exploitation;
• Whether the child or young person likely to attempt suicide;
• Whether the child or young person likely to pose a danger to other people;
• What actions have been completed so far to locate the child or young person;
• A description of the child or young person, including their build, hair, clothing and glasses;
• Details of when the child or young person was last seen and with whom;
• Personal details of the child or young person (including any medical conditions or ailments);
• Any previous history of absconding/absenteeism and circumstances of where found;
• The circumstances under which the child or young person is absent;
• Any factors which increase the risk to the child or young person;
• Homestay address.

Information that may be needed later to extend investigations if the young person is not located:
• A recent photograph (if available);
• Family addresses and contact telephone numbers;
• Known associates, telephone numbers and addresses frequented;
• The names and addresses of the child or young person’s GP and dentist;
• The circumstances under which the child or young person is absent;
• Any factors which increase the risk to the child or young person;
• School and House Parent addresses and contact details
• Details of any travel and accommodation plans authorised by the overseas parents;
• Details of any social media accounts that may be open to the public;
• Redoor Education students are advised to download the SafeKnight tracking app, which is accessible by the police, so they should be advised there is a possibility the student is using this.

The incident must be recorded as an incident report file with regular updates being added until the matter has been resolved. If a police report has been made, the police incident reference number must be recorded. A record of all emails should be included in the incident report file.


The police are responsible for advising the media regarding children or young people who are reported as missing. The decision to publicise these matters will always be made in consultation with the parents who have to give their signed consent before the media are able to circulate the details. As such, no member of Redoor Education should release any details to the media and must refer any contact from them directly to the relevant force’s Media Relations Office.

Following the report to the police, the parents, school, host family and local guardian must be informed and requested to contact DSL without delay if the child or young person makes contact.

When a child is found

  1. A member of staff will talk with, take care of and comfort the student.
  2. The Designated Safeguarding (DSL) will speak with the parents to report the incident, and then record an account of the incident, to be saved in the students record folder, by writing a formal statement to the parents.
  3. A reminder will be sent out to all students improving their understanding of why they should not leave without obtaining permission and providing ample and accurate notifications of their whereabouts to the office team and homestay hosts where applicable.
  4. The DSL will carry out a full investigation involving, if appropriate, the Police and the appropriate Local Safeguarding Partnership and complete their report.
  5. The written report of the incident will record details of time, place, members of staff, the circumstances in which the student went missing, an outline of what was understood to have happened, the length of time during which the student was missing and an initial explanation of how the incident appeared to have arisen. Written statements may be invited from all.
  6. Any media questions will be referred to the Directors.
  7. All relevant procedures will be reviewed in the light of any such incident occurring.

Redoor Education Contacts

Designated Safeguarding Lead –Tina Qi

Office Line:02076924797

Mobile Number: 07540186132

Email: tinaqi@myredoor.com

Deputy Safeguarding Lead – Jollie Zhao

Office Line:02076924797

Mobile Number: 07961897880

Email: jzhao@myredoor.com

Redoor Education Emergency Number:

Mobile: 07985106112

Supporting Reference Documents:

Working together to safeguard child 2018

Statutory Guidance on children who run away or go missing from home or care – Department of Education 2014

NPCC publications
Safeguarding Children and Young People from CSE 2009
Scoping Report on Missing and Abducted Children – CEOP

Children Missing Education- Ref: DFE-00214-2016

We are committed to reviewing our policy and good practice annually.

This policy was last reviewed on: ……30/11/2022……………………………………………………

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