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Redoor Guardianship is a London-based organisation providing dynamic and experienced educational guardian services. With great attention to details, dedication and excellent service, Redoor Guardianship offers outstanding educational services on guardianship for students, schools, parents and partners.

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We are accredited by AEGIS (The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students). AEGIS is the regulator of guardianship agencies in the UK, accredited agencies are regularly and rigorously inspected. The host families we work with must agree to be inspected and checked, this will include being checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service for any police and criminal records.

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We are always happy to hear that mentors in various disciplines are passionate about teaching and helping students achieve their learning goals. As a company, we provide opportunities for you to develop a tutoring career through interesting and engaging work experience in the UK and overseas.

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Students studying abroad might encounter difficulties or anxieties caused by unfamiliar places or cultural differences, or even challenges of learning, life and interpersonal relationships, whatever happens, Redoor Guardianship will accompany students at all times, providing support and home-like warmth to them when they are in education in the UK.


瑞德团队秉承尽心尽力, 专注细节, 卓越服务的理念, 为学生、学校、家长和合作伙伴提供杰出的落地服务和监护服务。无论是由人生地不熟所导致的困难,或是因文化差异所带来的问题,甚至是学习、生活和人际关系上的挑战。瑞德监护人都将陪伴学生左右, 提供支持和帮助。给在海外求学的孩子提供家一般的温暖。