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We are driven by customer needs and market, pure British localized resources and we provide a series of derivative service projects for partners.

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    Students walk and talk using mobile devices in university

    About Redoor Guardianship
    Why Choose Us?

    Smart teenage boy in glasses explaining part of programming code to his classmate when they are working on project

    High Security

    High specification monitoring team;
    Guardianship team visits regularly;
    24/7 all days emergency contact.

    Two High School Students Wearing Uniform Working Together At Desk Using Digital Tablet


    Excellent service dedicated to the details;
    Similar experiences & study abroad background;
    Multilingual communication is barrier-free.

    Family showing a red heart symbol

    Worry Free

    Have a strong love and sense of responsibility;
    Tender loving care homestay;
    No criminal record.

    Redoor Guardianship is an AEGIS & BSA accredited guardianship organisation

    We are looking for friendly and high quality host families to work with throughout the UK.