Guardianship Services

With great attention to details, dedication and excellent service, Redoor Guardianship offers outstanding educational services on guardianship for students, schools, parents and partners.

Compare the Standard Guardianship Services with the Premium Guardianship Services:

Standard Guardianship Service

Students who require a basic educational guardianship service including accommodation and travel arrangements during half terms and exeat weekends. This service will assure that 24/7 support is always available.

  • Appoint a Local guardian and provide guardian information to school;
  • Provide guardianship letter for visa purpose;
  • Travel arrangement.




Premium Guardianship Service

Our Premium Guardianship Service provides proactive services. Our head office teachers will visit students at the first week of the academic year, our local guardians will regularly visit students to make sure they are settling well at school. Our head office teachers will make regular contact with students to ensure their well-being and happy study at school. We will write pastoral and academic reports back to parents three times per year.

This service will closely monitor students’ living and studying life at school as well as identify any problems at any time.

This service also gives parents reassurance that 24/7 support is always available.

Our Premium Guardianship Service has the following benefits:

Care and Welfare

    1. The appointed guardian will meet the students and their parents at school on the registration date and help with school registration.
    2. Your local guardian will pay personal visits to the student three times during the academic year, including one parent’s evening, to make sure the student is settling well.
    3. Your guardian will make contact with the student bi-weekly via text, email, WeChat and etc.
    4. We will write termly reports during the year (December, April, July). The report will be sent directly to parents.
    5. Visit the student if an emergency arises.
    6. Assist the student and parents with vaccination and other medical care.


Finance Management

  1. Provide termly statements of the student’s expense to the parents.
  2. Arrange payments to the Host Family.
  3. Arrange payments for extra activities’ fee at school.
  4. Manage and distribute pocket money.
  5. Arrange payments for grocery shopping.
  6. Arrange payments for mobile phone uses.



  1. Make monthly contact with student’s headteacher of the year and housemistress or housemaster by email or phone.
  2. Provide updated Passport and Visa information to the school.
  3. Ensure school uniforms and equipment are properly equipped.
  4. Give advice on school subjects and courses.
  5. Attend one parents’ evening per academic year.
  6. Email Parents’ Evening Report in both English and Chinese per academic year.
  7. Arrange tutoring if required.


Travel and Accommodation

  1. To arrange accommodation and travel for the student, updates are sent to parents and school.
  2. During school holidays.
  3. If the school has to close temporarily because of an emergency.
  4. If the student is suspended or expelled, or has to have a period away from school on medical advice.


Other Services 

  1. Assist with consent letters to the school.
  2. Provide guardianship letter for visa application purposes.




Redoor Guardianship is an AEGIS & BSA accredited guardianship organisation

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you got any questions.