English & Academic Tutoring

All sorts of one-to-one tutoring services are provided by our professional teachers on mathematics, English, biology, economics, Chinese and etc., as well as other contents of A Level or GCSE preparatory courses. Our goal is to keep all students motivated and maximise their potential in learnings and exams.

Examples of private tutoring subjects we can provide:

Mathematics, Statistics

English Language and Literature

IELTS or other English exams

Physics, Biology, Chemistry


History, Geography

Business Studies

Religious Studies

Chinese Language & Literature

Other Languages
(e.g. Spanish, German)

Computing, IT Skills

Art & Design Portfolio

Interview Skills

Learning Attitudes

Study Skills
(inc. research reading list & study schedule)

Tutoring Fees

Prices are based on an hourly rate plus a 150 GBP tutor arrangement fee*.
(*Arrangement fee will not be charged for the student with our premium guardianship service)

Redoor Guardianship is an AEGIS & BSA accredited guardianship organisation

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you got any questions.