Guardianship Application Form

Guardianship Application Form

    Student Information学生个人信息

    Student Name 学生姓名*

    English Name 英文名*

    Nationality 国籍*

    Date of Birth 出生日期*

    Gender 性别*

    Gender 性别*

    Servicer Information 监护服务基本信息

    Passport Number 护照号码*

    Expiry Date of Passport 护照有效期*

    Current email address of Student 学生电子邮件*

    Current School 学生在读学校*

    Guardians services required from: 瑞德监护服务需求时间*

    Guardians services required from: 瑞德监护服务需求时间*

    Please indicate if already a student at the school 请确认监护学生在读情况*
    Already on school roll 在读学生

    Please confirm below if your cild will only require guardianship for ONE year or less 请在这里打勾如果你需要一年或少于一年的监护服务*
    My child(ren) will require guardianship for one year or less 学生只需要一年或一年一下的监护服务

    Hospitality Information 监护与住宿信息

    Boarding House (if known) 宿舍楼/住宿情况(如果已知)

    Year Group at School 年级

    First language, other languages spoken 母语,以及其他会说的语言*

    Does your child suffer from any health problems? 您的孩子有任何健康问题吗?*

    Does Your Child suffer from any allergies? 您的孩子有任过敏的情况吗?

    This includes allergies to both food and other factors eg animal fur, and will be used when matching your child to a host family. 这包括对食物和其他因素(例如动物毛皮)的过敏,这将用于在为您的孩子匹配寄宿家庭时作为参考。*

    Does your child have any special food requirements? 您的孩子对于膳食有任何特殊需求吗?*

    If you have answered "Yes" to any health problems, allergies and/or special-food requirements please give details 如果有任何健康问题,过敏情况或者对膳食有特殊需求的话,请提供详细信息

    Hobbies and interests 学生的兴趣爱好

    Detail of student's personality 学生个性自我描述

    Please list any information about the student you think will help them settle in and feel at home with a host family (likes/dislikes/favourite food) 请列出您认为有助于学生在寄宿家庭中安顿下来并感到家庭温暖的任何信息(例如喜好/不喜欢/最喜爱的食物)

    Will the student be returning home for the half term break?学生是否会在半学期期中假期回家/回国?*

    Mother's Detail 母亲个人信息

    Mother's Name 母亲姓名*

    Mother's Occupation母亲工作

    Mother's Email 母亲电子邮件*

    Mother's Phone 母亲联系电话*

    Mother's WeChat 母亲微信号

    Mother's Address 母亲联络地址*

    Father's Detail 父亲个人信息

    Father's Name 父亲姓名*

    Father's Occupation父亲工作

    Father's Email 父亲电子邮件*

    Father's Phone 父亲联系电话*

    Father's WeChat 父亲微信号

    Father's Address 父亲联络地址*

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